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Getting Your Banner Source Files Is A Must

Getting Your Banner Source Files Is A Must

Posted on: May 28, 2013

When it comes to web design, many companies and individuals could decide to use the outsourcing solution, choosing the services of freelancers or design company, which in most of cases none of them offer the graphic source files. The reason those entities for not sharing the source files with you is to charge you more money for future modifications in the graphic design, and to make sure you will be depending on them for all changes in that specific design.


Rely on professionals, but keep your autonomy

Approximately 660,900 companies getting closed each year and that only in the USA, and surly you can’t count on freelancers to always be available when you need them. Thus you can’t be sure your designer will stick around if you need any changes in your custom banner designs therefore having the banner design source files is of supreme importance. If your designer not around absent the banner source files you won’t be able to make any changes in your banner design.

The source files provide you with lots of options. In some cases the information from your banner will need to be modified or updated and with the source files you could do that simply by yourself. Simple text changes are not that hard to make, pictures changes are not that hard as well once you have the banner theme ready. Using online banner tutorials or banner articles you will be able to make the changes yourself in no time. The basic Photoshop knowledge required to make those small changes is easy to obtain. Thus the banner source files could save you some money.

The designer should give you the source files that come with the banners. Learning how to operate them and how to make proper interventions for operating various changes is relatively easy. Eventually, you should include in your contract this paragraph asking for the source files, in order to be sure that you will have the proper coverage to get all necessary possession including the graphic source files of your online banner designs.

Operating banner interventions are easy

The banners can be created in a variety of formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG which are mostly done by Photoshop (Source file: PSD), and animated flash that comes as SWF (Source file: FLA).
Making minor changes like changing the text or the font color are really easy and those are things you can do by yourself and thus saving money. If you won’t get the source files it will be necessary to pay more to your designer for those small changes. For that reason it is recommended to use only banner designers that share the source files of their work.

How change text in photoshop?

If you want to change your banner text press twice on the text box icon that on the layers panel and write the new text you want in there.

If you want to change the text color, select the text layer that you want to change, then go to the tools bar and select the “type tool” (the one with the T icon) and you will see a window showing up at the top of Photoshop, in that window there will be a color box. Press on the color box and choose the new color that you want for your text.
As you can see in the picture below in steps:

Source Files - change-text-color