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How To Choose The Right Text For Your Banner

How To Choose The Right Text For Your Banner

Posted on: August 2, 2014

In the world of internet use as today, we have effectively moved from the era of just creating anyhow website and putting it upon the web to be viewed by the clients. There are numerous competitions when it comes to the visibility of your website or your product. One of the main keys for making your product more visible online is banners. But what makes the banners such a strong tool that makes viewer press on it? You must be guessing the right answer at this point and yes you are right it’s the banner text

The text for banner is the most important factor in the banner, even the best looking banner design won’t be effective excluding its text. Without text in the banner viewer will get confused with its purpose resulting with ignored banner. Do not neglect the banner text and put some thought in to it until you will come up with the right words for your banner. The right text in banner is text that your target audience would like to hear. We will try to give you some tips to create banner text.

You should make sure the text which appears on the banner contains your main keywords written in highlight or with bold font. This is the tool that gives it its visibility to attract the visitors to click on it when they see it. When they see any ad that has the keyword they searched, they will most likely click on it.
For example: on the sentence “Free ipod give away” you should highlight or even make bolder the word “Free” due to the fact everyone looking for free stuff.

You should also do well to write the most important information that your viewer is most likely to search on the first line of the ad so that the viewer can see the information even at a glance.
For example: “Unlimited web hosting for only $1 per month”

You should include in most of the times call to action button to be followed by the user immediately when he sees the ads. Call to action button will make your viewer understand that they view a banner and occasionally that button will make them click on the banner. The banner call to action buttons will include words like apply now, click here, join today etc…

Try to ask questions that aim to your client’s concern needs. Most times, people might not be good at describing the exact things they are searching for with appropriate search questions. Help them get that with questions like, “Looking for cheap and effective website hosting?” Etc. Then offer solutions to these problems through explaining what you can do for them like “Unlimited web hosting for only $1 per month”.

Do not place too much text in the banner. It will be good to keep your banner design brief and eye-catching by designing him with a lot of colors and nice pictures followed by simple and direct to the point banner text.